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Explore Our Dental Assistant Program

Are you interested in pursuing a career in dentistry? Do you want to have a fulfilling position that makes a positive impact on your life and those you treat? If so, consider enrolling in Dental Careers of Central Florida’s dental assistant program in Central, FL. Based in Sanford, we offer a 10-week course that puts students through rigorous yet exciting training. After you’ve completed the program, we’ll honor you with a certificate and a letter of recommendation detailing your experience. We look forward to helping you achieve a rewarding career in dentistry in which you can thrive and improve your life.

Start Your New Career

Our program is the only ten week dental assisting program available in the entire state of Florida, start your new career quickly!

  • You can attend the training programs during Saturdays. This means you can keep your current job and income until you graduate and enter your new profession.
  • Tuition at the Dental Careers of Florida is very economical, it is a small investment to enter a profession that will reward you for a lifetime.
  • The program is taught in a real dental office, with modern equipment and the latest technology!

What Our Program Covers

Our program prepares students with the skills, education, and confidence to confidently pursue a career in the dental field. We connect learning and real-world experience through online, interactive lesson plans and labs taught in active dental facilities, offering a comprehensive education that prepares students for the workplace. The program covers:

  • Chairside Duties
  • Temporary Crowns
  • Bleach Trays
  • Radiographs
  • Alginate Impressions
  • Diagnostic Models
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Operatory Setup/Breakdown
  • Sanitization & Sterilization Protocols
  • Dental Anatomy Components
  • And more!
Doctor portrait in his dispensary

How Much Does a Dental Assistant Career Pay?

A dental assistant career offers many opportunities for growth. For example, the median salary for dental assistants in Florida is around $40,320 a year, and this is only expected to rise as the demand for dental assistants continues to grow. Additionally, many of our graduates have gone on to get their degree to become a dental hygienist, which currently pays in excess of $40 per hour. A career as a dental assistant offers a great way to start your career in the medical field and provides ample opportunity for growth. If you are interested in a career that is both rewarding and offers plenty of room for advancement, then a career as a dental assistant may be the perfect choice for you.

Dentist wearing mask

Why Should I Consider a Dental Assistant Career?

Job satisfaction is one of the biggest reasons we encourage you to pursue a career as a dental assistant. During our years of experience, we’ve seen students transform their lives for the better, from promising students to outstanding professionals. We’ve seen many students start off unsure about what they want to do with their careers and lives. By the time they finish our dental assistant program, they’ve discovered a sense of purpose and responsibility to enrich their lives. We believe the role of dental assistant is among the most fulfilling a person can assume.

Teeth aligner preparation by a female dentist

Why Choose Dental Careers of Central Florida

Dental Careers of Central Florida’s dental assistant program is the only program taught within an actual dental office, giving students exclusive hands-on and real-world experience. During your training, you will learn cutting-edge methods, treatments, procedures, and technologies used by leading dental professionals. We have years of experience, training, and expertise within the field of dentistry. We are continuously updating our courses and techniques as the field of dentistry advances, so the skills and knowledge you learn will be easily applicable and transferable to any dental assistant role.

Where Dental Assistant Careers Are Achievable and Affordable

At Dental Careers of Central Florida, we accept students eager to enter the field of dentistry and help them become excellent professionals. If you want to learn more about how to get into our program and how to cover your costs, please contact us. We offer many opportunities for financial aid and flexible payment options. We’ll go over the options and help you choose the correct ones based on your coursework, tuition, and schedule. We’re here to prepare you for a career you’ll love.

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